Standard Centres

Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Delhi, India

SafeHouse Standard is our original location which has given those in need a quality, safe and effective treatment environment since 2012.

Leading Rehabilitation Centres

SafeHouse Standard is one of the leading rehabilitation centres in delhi, offering the best residential treatment for alcohol addiction and drug dependency. The residential treatment at our rehabilitation center encompasses pragmatic treatment planning, effective individual counseling, edifying lectures, dynamic group activities and personalized treatment plans, keeping in mind that each case deserves individual attention.

Holistic Programs

The residential treatment plan by Safe House is one of the most holistic programs across all the rehab centers in delhi. It helps the patient become self sufficient and shun the dependency that had been ailing him. Family members of our clients are also engaged and encouraged to be a part of the treatment and family meetings are held at regular intervals. This also helps us evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the patient better and identify the key areas to be worked upon.

Long-Term Results

Our erudite professionals, comprising of qualified counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists and general physicians, hold vast experience in their respective domain, making us the most sought after alcohol rehab in India. While treating a patient, our staff aims to achieve long-term results and sustain them effectively. The high success rates of Safe House Wellness Retreat are a testimony to the competency of our staff and the team.